Blog: our gig at the Van Gogh Museum in A’dam

Busiest day of the year
On June 3rd 2011 we played at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. It was great!
It was the busiest day of the year at the museum: 8000 visitors showed up during the day. The waitingline outside was really long with people wanting to see our show of course ;)

Le Dimanche SOLD OUT
We set up our gear in the entrance hall, while people that were doing audiotours almost bumped into our guitaramps. Jurgen got to play on a real concertpiano with a great sound. VJ Martijn could use three beamers: one was projecting on a screen behind us and up in the air there were two immense walls on which he made a visual presentation. Supercool! Our drummer DJ Sunday and friend Monsieur Discoteque spinned some cinematic records to get in the right mood and at 20:30 we started our concert. Alex did a great job with the sound & our new song ‘The Gambler’ really caught the listeners attention. You could hear the music though the whole museum, so we figured at least 800 people must have heared our songs. After the show Renske sold all the twenty albums we had with us, some are going to China, others to Argentina. We actually signed some cd’s as well! :) If you want to see a little impression of the show, check out this facebook post. (make sure you’re logged in to your facebook-account)

Thank you for the cd-player!
We thanked everybody over there and headed back home. When we got back in Oss and unloaded the van (Thanks Josina!) we discovered a strange looking flightcase we hadn’t seen before…. We opened it and discoverd a brand new Pioneer CD-player from the Van Gogh Museum! Oops! Apparently the security was only instructed to watch the paintings instead of these cool audio-toys :) Now Marjolein has to go shopping in Amsterdam and bring it back of course.

What’s up next
So, that was one of our last shows for the time being. This summer we’ll lay low: we’ll be finishing some new songs we have & we’ll make plans for new gigs and of course a new album!
We’ll keep you posted as soon as we have more news. And right now we’re creating a bandcamp page, where you can listen to all the tracks of the first album.

Take care friends.

le Dimanche

Posted: januari 19th, 2011
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