blog: what a beautiful sound!

The performance on October 18th 2009 in ‘the ‘used-to-be-school’ was very interesting.
The venue used to be a school for disabled children, so there were a lot of adjustments. The classroom where we were situated, had consoles placed on the sealing, for better acoustics for impaired hearing children.
Because of that the sound was BEAUTIFUL! We would like to do our rehearsals there! ;)


The organization did a good job as they had darkened the room completly.The visuals by Martijn Bos made the show complete again & Martijn showed a lot of new tricks!
DJ Monsieur Discotheque also joined us, so we all discovered a lot of new music to listen to.

A performance that fits the list of special performance-locations!

Posted: oktober 20th, 2009
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