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Mixtape Le Dimanche’s LateNightTales

Our drummer Martijn, who’s also a dj, has made a mixtape inspired by Ninja Tunes “LateNightTales”:

“Being inspired by some of the LateNightTales compilations, I found it was time to make one of my own. Not that I’m some kind of mixmaster; on the contrary. But the idea to dig the crates and come up with the right (parts of) songs seemed like quite a challenge.

I tried to follow the ‘rules’ of LateNightTales; to create a late-night-selection, add a cover version of your own (which we as Le Dimanche don’t have, so I added a song of our own) and round up with a piece of spoken word. For the latter, I chose a tiny song that I use to sing my smallest kid asleep with.

It’s become quite a dark trip, sprinkled with some more relaxing vibes. Find yourself the right late night and enjoy!”

- Martijn -

LateNightTales Le Dimanche by Martijnsmits on Mixcloud

01. Miles Davis – Concierto De Aranjuez (Adagio)
02. Bobby Hutcherson – Love Song
03. Morphine – I Had My Chance
04. The Bees – Angry Man
05. John Williams – Catch Me If You Can (Reprise)
06. Jaga Jazzist – Swedenborgske Rom
07. Le Dimanche – Bright Sky
08. The Cinematic Orchestra – Night Of The Iguana
09. Ursula Rucker – Circe (Jazzanova Mix)
10. The Herbaliser Band – Forty Winks
11. Soul Coughing – Sleepless
12. MC 900 Ft Jesus – The City Sleeps
13. TrackAddicts – Dutchy
14. Knowtoryous – Bomberclad Joint (K&D Session)
15. Jaga Jazzist – Cinematic
16. DJ Shadow – What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 2)
17. Xploding PlastiX – Omar Sharif Bonanza
18. Bersarin Quartett – Mehr Als Alle Andere
19. Trentemøller – Miss You
20. Raymond Scott – Kodachrome
21. Fleet Foxes  – Blue Spotted Tail

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Blog: our gig at the Van Gogh Museum in A’dam

Busiest day of the year
On June 3rd 2011 we played at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. It was great!
It was the busiest day of the year at the museum: 8000 visitors showed up during the day. The waitingline outside was really long with people wanting to see our show of course ;)

Le Dimanche SOLD OUT
We set up our gear in the entrance hall, while people that were doing audiotours almost bumped into our guitaramps. Jurgen got to play on a real concertpiano with a great sound. VJ Martijn could use three beamers: one was projecting on a screen behind us and up in the air there were two immense walls on which he made a visual presentation. Supercool! Our drummer DJ Sunday and friend Monsieur Discoteque spinned some cinematic records to get in the right mood and at 20:30 we started our concert. Alex did a great job with the sound & our new song ‘The Gambler’ really caught the listeners attention. You could hear the music though the whole museum, so we figured at least 800 people must have heared our songs. After the show Renske sold all the twenty albums we had with us, some are going to China, others to Argentina. We actually signed some cd’s as well! :) If you want to see a little impression of the show, check out this facebook post. (make sure you’re logged in to your facebook-account)

Thank you for the cd-player!
We thanked everybody over there and headed back home. When we got back in Oss and unloaded the van (Thanks Josina!) we discovered a strange looking flightcase we hadn’t seen before…. We opened it and discoverd a brand new Pioneer CD-player from the Van Gogh Museum! Oops! Apparently the security was only instructed to watch the paintings instead of these cool audio-toys :) Now Marjolein has to go shopping in Amsterdam and bring it back of course.

What’s up next
So, that was one of our last shows for the time being. This summer we’ll lay low: we’ll be finishing some new songs we have & we’ll make plans for new gigs and of course a new album!
We’ll keep you posted as soon as we have more news. And right now we’re creating a bandcamp page, where you can listen to all the tracks of the first album.

Take care friends.

le Dimanche

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review show at 013 popcentre

January 14th we played as a support act for the British post-rock band Codes In The Clouds at the 013 in Tilburg (NL). We had a great time: supernice people at 013 with good food and ditto technicians, a wonderful crowd and a most important of all: a good show!

Check out the review & photos on the 3voor12Tilburg website (in Dutch).

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New video on Youtube-channel

Check out our YouTube-channel!
We’ve put 6 songs online: also a new song which is not on the album ‘Colour of Shade’: Kites.
We hope you’ll enjoy it!

During our cd-releasparty our friends Eef, Frank and Anneloes filmed the whole concert and they’ve made some really nice videos of it. Also Nancy and Jurgen did a wonderful job in recording and mixing the audio.
Go to Le Dimanche’s YouTube-channel

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We’ll keep you updated about our shows, new songs, videos and other cool stuff.

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Bertus Distribution

We have a distribution deal with Bertus Distribution!
Bertus is a really cool company: they started out as a small recordshop in Rotterdam (NL) in a street Marjolein used to live for a while during her study. Now they’ve turned into one of the most complete distributors in Benelux and Europe.
Good news!

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The website MusicFromNL has been the first to review our debutalbum ‘Colour Of Shade’. Robin van Deutekom, who wrote the article, really got the picture and the idea behind our music. We really appreciate this, so thanks MusicFromNL for these positive words!

Also Heaven Magazine wrote with a positive review! Click the image to read it.

Recently we found out also journalist Tjeerd van Erve wrote a review on

Fret Magazine

The French magazine Koid9 has done a review and an interview with Marjolein. It’s online on their website.

Webzine Progressive Area wrote a detailled review.

Also D-SIDE did a ‘chronique’ on ‘Colour Of Shade’.

The cultural magazine of our province Brabant Cultureel has written a review and a nice interview with Martijn.

Nice! Jazzism Magazine also noticed our release.


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debut album ‘colour of shade’

Our debutalbum ‘Colour of Shade’ is available as digipack or as download.
You can check out all the songs on Bandcamp and Spotify and it’s easy to order it via this website. All songs are written, mixed and produced by the band.
We hope you’ll like it!

Get the handnumbered limited edition digipack album ‘Colour Of Shade’ directly from the band!

You can download your ‘Colour of Shade’ songs at iTunes or Bandcamp!

Colour of Shade by Le Dimanche

‘Colour of Shade’ is also available at the coolest musicstores around town:
de CD-Kiosk, De Schakel 3 Oss (NL)
Kroese, Molenstraat 126 Nijmegen (NL)
Schreeven, Plein 1944 24 Nijmegen (NL)
Pieter van Os CD’s, Snellestraat 44 ’s-Hertogenbosch (NL)
Sounds, Nieuwlandstraat 33 Tilburg (NL)

Guest musicians:

Marijke Damen | viola
Jos van den Dungen | violin
Eric van Hoof | trumpet
Vincent Houdijk | vibraphone
Marije de Jong | cello
Fernand de Willigen | trombone

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